home deck builderA deck gives your home a space where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the comfort of your home. It’s a place where lasting memories are made. When we build a deck, we use the best materials available so that you can enjoy your deck for years to come.
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Decking to fit your needs

By combining our superior product options with our expertise gained from over 17 years of building in the Denver area, we are able to create the perfect leisure space for you and your family—completely customized to your needs. Whether you want a custom built wood deck, a pergola, cellular PVC decks, or an imitation stone patio, we have the solution to best improve your home’s outdoor space.

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Different Types of Decks

Custom Wood Decks in the Denver Area

A deck is a home improvement that adds beauty and value to your home. It offers a way to have a different space for your outdoor living area. A deck is  as a wooden platform that is constructed outdoors and is connected to a building providing a pleasing outdoor space for entertaining purposes.

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Unique Home Deck Customization Options are Limitless

Combining your entertainment with nature’s beauty provides a seamless transition in between indoor and outdoor living, making it a perfect hosting spot. With custom wood decks, because timber is so versatile, you can create your deck in any shape, size, or color allowing you to design to your own taste and budget. Decks can become a part of your landscaping or be an alternative to patios by adding a romantic pergola. Replacing a worn out deck can even revitalize a pool. When considering a large elevated wooden deck or a small intimate space for relaxing, custom wood decks provide a functional and practical solution with a lifetime cost that is often less than many high maintenance softwood options.

Cellular PVC Decks

Cellular PVC Decks1Cellular PVC decks are type of synthetic wood and the top choice for many. It holds the same look and feel of real wood though it will never rot, twist, or warp. It is immune to moisture and suitable for any home! It’s a low stress material that will add to the beauty and value of your deck. It is almost impossible to tell the difference from cellular PVC decks to regular wood so no one would know unless you tell them!

Cellular PVC Material Construction

Commonly used in cellular PVC decks is the plastic, polyethylene. Cellular PVC decks use high-desnity polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethlyne in their construction. Celuka, a foaming extrusion process, is used to created Celluar PVC. This results in a density less than half that of regular PVC. This helps to make the surface of Cellular PVC incredibly hard. It is much harder than composite decking, which helps to resist scratches and stains. It weighs a similar amount as softwood.

Different Designs

finished deckCellular PVC decks are offered in a variety of textures and colors ranging from grain texture to tropical wood colors. With cellular PVC decks, the textures have been designed to look more realistic and colors more vibrant. With the vast majority of options, you will be able to find a style and color that fits your personal taste and lifestyle. Cellular PVC does not rot, warp, or deteriorate from splitting, cupping, and is not susceptible to the negative affects of insects. It will be a choice that lasts.

Pergolas Additions & Decks

Pergolas Decks1A pergola deck is a structure that is made of vertical posts supported across cross beams that provide shade and comfort to your deck. With pergolas, they leave the option of having vines and greenery grow on it, making it a little more earthy. Pergolas in their easiest form are built on spacings laid over top of beams and are generally cut into some sort of decorative fashion becoming the focal point of your deck. Pergolas are generally bigger than arbors with the beams and joints becoming visually dominant. The structures are fairly large and robust, but can depend on your taste and preference. The posts that support the pergola can be pillars or wood, depending on what you prefer.

Shade to Complement your Deck

Pergolas add grace, style, comfort, and character to your home. Here at National Home Improvement we will help you create a stunning environment that adds personality and style to your deck and bring you comfort from the sun. Your new pergola will become your favorite part of your home! Infuse your deck with a touch of Italian design with a pergola. A pergola can become a place for friends, families, and parties. If you add vines, they can climb along the pergola and provide an extra bit of shade. A pergola deck can create a peaceful and perfect touch of class and luxury to your yard.

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