Common Roofing Materials

Though many different styles exist for roofing it still usually comes down to only a few options for materials when your choosing a roof. Many styles have come to be replicated by more durable materials, which enables a lot of flexibility in the design. Each material has different benefits for your home, choosing the right option can be difficult without help. It’s best to consult an expert to learn which roofing material would be best for your home and the area you live.

Asphalt & Composite

composite roofingThe most common among all roofing materials are composite singles which is normally mostly comprised of asphalt and fiber glass. There are many different variations and styles of composite shingles in circulation today with different features that could include impact, fire and wind resistance. Composite shingles come in more shapes and sizes than any other shingle, providing great design flexibility with reliable durability. Choosing from all the variations can be difficult but luckily most shingles have a 20-30 year warranty, making asphalt or composite shingles are a good all around choice in any variation.


metal roofingMetal? Yes, over the years metal has become one of the best roofing materials because of its durability, flexibility for design and reduced maintenance. Composed of steel, metal roofing materials are able to replicate many different styles. Two of the metal material we install are steel shingles/shakes and stone coated steel. Stone coated steel shingles are a great option for incredible durability and beautiful aesthetics. Though metal roofing materials are a great option, they also usually require experienced installers and are a more expensive material option than traditional composite shingles.


Wooden RoofingWe seldom install wood roofs in favor of materials with more durability and less maintenance, but it is hard to fully replicate the look of a wood shake better than wood shakes. Using wood materials for roofing is a less beneficial option unless your trying to achieve an authentic look. The maintenance benefits of composite and metal roofs supersede that of wood because they are more fire resistant and are do not attach wood-boring insects like termites.

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