The Basics

Casement windows are another great window solution for any home. The reason that they are set apart from the rest of the window selections is because they are the only window that can be fully opened. Casement windows are set on hinges making it so that the windows can be opened by pushing the panes outward, leaving the window completely open. Casement windows offer a more traditional feel to a home as well, simply because windows like that have been used for centuries. Casement windows existed before slide windows became a standard type of window within homes.


Fresh air can flow in more freely, and having casement windows in your home can allow for a much more open feel. Another great advantage to casement windows is the ability to really direct air flow into your home. The panes can opened and adjusted to fit the natural breeze and encourage airflow within the home. Also, because the panes open outward, the window will not take up any additional space within the home. Again, this offers a great source of natural light, unobstructed by glass and framing. These windows are a great choice for picture windows, because when they’re open, picturesque views can be completely clear.

Casement windows also offer an enhanced security feature. The locking mechanism on the inside of the window is hook shaped and embedded within the framing of the window, making it very difficult to be broken into. All of our windows have excellent locking mechanisms within them, however, the way that the locks are installed in casement windows makes them a bit more secure.