Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

Cleaning your gutters is an important, albeit boring and aggravating, step to take in order to maintain your home.  It is important for a variety of reasons even though it is one of the worst chores of summer. There is no one out there who enjoys digging their hands into their gutters, removing biodegrading leaves[…] read on

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows: Which is Right for Me?

Comparing windows made from modern materials, especially vinyl and fiberglass windows, is really like comparing two great automobiles. You’re getting something very similar with each, and really the only difference is how much you want out of your window, and how much you’re willing to pay.  You can get a window similar to a Hyundai, one[…] read on

What Is the Best House Siding for Homes in Colorado?

Colorado is a state with a harsh climate, one that places many demands upon your home and the outside façade of your home.  It is also a very cold and windy state in general.  Because of this, it is all the more important that you pick the right siding for your home. Picking the proper[…] read on

Dealing with Roof Damage from Snowstorms

  As the winter months approach, we await the oncoming snow storms that are so frequent during November through April.  Every year when the snow comes, it brings an interruption to normal schedules, slick roads, and a greater chance of injury. Among other types of destruction that come with these snow storms, there’s the damage[…] read on

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

  Selling a home is a difficult task, and it is even more difficult in an unsure economy.  There are few things worse than putting your home on the market, only for it to sit on the market for years on end.  Not only does this make it difficult for you to move out in[…] read on

Dealing with Roof Damage From Windstorms

  We’re moving out of the more windstorm months of the year, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be heavy winds with the snows that will come through in the next couple of months.  Though your roof may be fine now, there’s no guarantee that those winds won’t cause damage in the months to[…] read on

The Long-Term Cost Savings of Hail-Resistant Roofs

  A hail storm is not something that anyone looks forward to.  Depending on the size of the hail and the amount of time that the hail storm takes to pass, it can be anything from an inconvenience to a damaging experience that causes you to have to spend a considerable amount of money on[…] read on

Top 5 Exterior Improvements To Increase Your Home’s Value

The housing market is still very much a buyer’s market in most parts of the country, and that means that extra work and consideration may be necessary to sell your home. Maybe you’re not thinking of selling your home anytime soon, but you find yourself having to make some changes to the external façade of[…] read on

Why Building A Deck on your own Is Tougher Than You Think

Every spring and summer, thousands of home owners try to tackle their own home improvement projects. Some decide that they’re going to do some work on improving their lawn, making sure it looks green and full. Some people decide that they’re going to do some minor redecorating inside or outside. Others still do a bit[…] read on

3 Benefits of Hiring a Local Contractor over a National Company

As transportation of goods and materials becomes simpler, local contractors are finding themselves competing with larger national contractors. For many who are looking for affordability, the choice seems simple; national companies can offer lower prices on goods and labor because they’re dealing in bulk. They can go all over the country, so if you have[…] read on