Why Building A Deck on your own Is Tougher Than You Think

Every spring and summer, thousands of home owners try to tackle their own home improvement projects. Some decide that they’re going to do some work on improving their lawn, making sure it looks green and full. Some people decide that they’re going to do some minor redecorating inside or outside. Others still do a bit[…] read on

3 Benefits of Hiring a Local Contractor over a National Company

As transportation of goods and materials becomes simpler, local contractors are finding themselves competing with larger national contractors. For many who are looking for affordability, the choice seems simple; national companies can offer lower prices on goods and labor because they’re dealing in bulk. They can go all over the country, so if you have[…] read on

What Is The Right Type Of Deck Material For Me?

A deck is a place where you spend time with friends, where you survey your land, and where you barbecue your meat in the warmer months. It’s a place for people to congregate and enjoy the majesty that is your yard while still being able to stand on the civilized timber of a home. A[…] read on

How Do I Clean My Vinyl Siding?

For years, vinyl siding has been the most common material used in construction in the US. Unlike other siding materials, it won’t flake or rot; it is a durable material that will look great for a long time and can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. However, there is a downside; over time,[…] read on

Building a Deck – The Advantages to Hiring a Contractor

If you have a back yard for your home, you either have a deck, or you wish you had a deck. A deck is a great accouterment to a wonderful house. It can provide a meeting place for friends and family during the warmer months of the year. It can give you the perfect place[…] read on

5 Ways to Tell It’s Time for New Home Siding

Your home’s siding does a lot for the home. It can give your house a unique look, it can make sure that air conditioning is more efficient, and it can even be an extra layer of protection from the elements for the rest of your house. However, as with everything, siding can wear out under[…] read on

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Roof?

When your roof begins to leak, you want it fixed, and you want it fixed immediately. It is natural to wonder how long the process will take. You may also wonder what getting a new roof entails. Rest assured, it is not as long-term a process as you may fear. For sake of example, let’s[…] read on

Why is My Roof Leaking?

If you have to ask ‘why is my roof leaking’, chances are you’re having a bad day. It only makes sense that dripping water would be cause for alarm. However, the task of figuring out how to stop the water from dripping is not necessarily a simple one. There are a variety of reasons that[…] read on

How Can New Doors Improve Your Home?

Depending on where they are, doors serve different purposes. Your front door invites the world into your home. It provides a warm portal inside for friends and family alike. On the other hand, your patio door opens your home up to the beauty of Colorado. They provide a window and an entrance to the backyard[…] read on

Types of Roof Shingles – Which is Best for Your Needs?

When you’re considering parts of your home that are important, you might not always think about your roof. It is a mistake to ignore your roof, though, it provides you with essential cover. Too often, people don’t think about their roof until there is an issue like a leak. Waiting until water is pouring in[…] read on