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Patio Doors in Colorado

sliding patio door

Sliding Patio Doors open your home up to the beauty of Colorado. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 panel doors with a clean profile and expanded glass views.

All sliding patio doors come standard with Tempered Safety Glass for your peace of mind. Weather stripping and thermal frame designs keep your home cozy warm. Keyed locks and foot locks provide additional security and ease of operation. Energy Efficient glass options give each homeowner the opportunity to customize a door for their home and lifestyle.

Sliding or retractable screens provide for ventilation while keeping your home free from insects and blowing debris.

Make your life easier and pamper your pet with a Sliding Patio door featuring a rugged “doggy” door built into the sliding panel. This gives your pet the freedom of a pet door and you don’t have to hurry home to let your pet outside. Additionally, the impact resistant security cover with an action pin locks and secures the opening if you need to keep it closed.

Recent Patio Installation Work in Denver

We recently installed a new Amerimax 2200 Series Patio Door for a home. The pictures of the transformation are below. The new sliding door helped improve an old patio door as well as the home’s energy efficiency.

before sliding patio door
after sliding patio door

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