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Q: When do I pay – do you require a deposit?

A: We don’t require any money down. We ask for payment when the work is complete.


Q: Why is there condensation on my new windows?

A: Condensation forms when there is excess humidity in your home and while it is unsightly, it is also generally harmless. The water vapor will condense on the coldest parts of the home (glass in the windows, bathroom mirrors). Additionally, the old drafty windows have been replaced, making your home a “tighter” more energy efficient home. To reduce condensation, lower the humidity levels and expose the windows to more inside radiant heat by opening the blinds and raising the temperature a few degrees.

For more information, visit the following PDF: Window Condensation


Q: What do I use to clean my new vinyl siding?

A: For light cleaning, a garden hose & a soft bristle brush should do the trick. For heavier atmospheric dirt use: 1/3 cup detergent (Tide®), 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate (Soilax®), and 1 gallon of water. If there is some mildew accumulation, add 1 quart bleach to the mix.


Q: Do you offer financing for home improvement projects?

A: Yes, we have a number of monthly payment options available.


Q: Is it possible to make a window opening into a door, or enlarge a current window opening?

A: Yes, our experienced crews can enlarge an opening or even create a new opening for you.


Q: I have an insurance claim on my roof and am looking for three estimates, is it a good idea to pick the cheapest?

A: When you have storm damage to your home, you are entitled to have your home restored to the original condition. Insurance will pay up to the cost of repairs that are invoiced at completion, less your deductible. Don’t be tricked into sub-standard work that could leave your home vulnerable in the future. Choose a reputable contractor with a good track record that you know and trust. Your deductible remains the same and the repairs are completed in a professional, quality manner.

For more information, check out the following PDFs: Storm Packet 2012 & Storm Packet Fall 2012


Q: Can you waive my deductible?

A: Colorado Consumer Protection law prohibits any company from waiving, rebating or discounting a deductible on insurance roofing claims. We can assure you of the best possible work and complete customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit the following post: Colorado Consumer Protection Law


Q: I just want to get a “ballpark” price, can you do that?

A: We always try to evaluate each project to give you an accurate, written estimate that you can rely on. Without taking a look at your home, we are not able to see any variable that might impact the scope of work and therefore the work estimate.


Q: What is LoE or Low E glass?

A: LoE is a microscopic coating on the glass that allows daylight to pass through but filters out solar heat to keep your home more comfortable.


Q: What brands do you offer?

A: As a general contractor, we have access to all major brands in windows, siding, roofing and decking. You can chose from the products that best meet your needs and desires without being locked into just one brand.


Q: I don’t think I can afford new windows or siding at this time, can you help me?

A: Yes, absolutely. We offer affordable home improvements without “gimmicks” and inflated “big brand” pricing. And being able to offer monthly payment options give you all the flexibility you need.


Q: I need to get HOA approval, can you help me with that, have you worked with HOA’s before?

A: We have worked with many HOA and management companies over the years. We’re here to help you out in anyway necessary. While only the homeowner can actually secure HOA approval, we’ll provide all of the necessary literature, brochures and samples that might be required.


Q: How quickly could I get my new windows installed?

A: While each project varies, we are generally able to install your new windows in four to five weeks, sometimes even sooner. Most window installations take only one or two days to complete.


Q: Who will be doing my installation?

A: We use experienced crews with years of experience. Our crews work closely with both the company personnel and with the homeowners to ensure that your final project is all that you dreamed it would be.


Q: Do you have insurance coverage?

A: Yes National Home Improvement is fully covered with Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started National Home Improvement in 1997 with the goal of being a home improvement company you could trust and rely on. Seventeen years later, we are still “Building On Integrity.”

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