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Colorado’s unpredictable and, at times, damaging weather can often leave your home with a roof in need of repair. These high winds, hail and other storm related damages are considered an insurance loss on your homeowner’s policy. Insurance companies are liable to pay the entire cost to have the damages repaired minus your deductible. Often times you don’t just need roof repairs, and need repairs on your paint, fencing, gutters and siding as well. A storm or hail damage claim is considered a natural disaster and that means making a claim for home repairs should not count against you for any potential rate increases no matter how large your claim.

To ensure you get your home fixed for the full value of damage, and, more importantly, that your home is repaired properly, you must file an insurance claim. The process can be confusing and frustrating on your own, but National Home Improvement has experience in helping homeowner’s get their homes repaired properly. Our insurance claim specialists have helped many homeowner’s like yourself get their claims correctly submitted to their insurance company, and receive the maximum amount needed to properly protect your home from future Colorado storms.

***If for any reason you need immediate repairs because of leaks call one of our representatives to get those leaks taken care of so you can avoid more substantial damages.

1.Call Insurance Company About Damages

Get a Claim number from your insurance company and write this down. This number will be what is associated with the entire process of the claim. Now, you will need accurate estimates on the damage severity and the cost of the repairs.

call-insurance-companyQuick Links to File a Claim Online

  • State Farm Homeowners(File Claim | 1-800-782-8332)
  •  Liberty Mutual Insurance(File Claim | 1-866-225-2467)
  • AAA Insurance(Call:1-800-527-3907)
  • Farmers Insurance(File Claim)
  • Nationwide Insurance(File Claim | Call:1-800-421-3535)
  • Western Mutual Insurance(File Claim | Call:800-927-2142 | Emergency Line: 866-962-2142)
  • eSurance (Call:1-800-378-7262)
  • Allstate (File Claim | Call: 1-800-255-7828)

2.Get an Inspection of the Damage

Once you have a claim number, you need to get some evaluations on the damage to your home. Often times, it’s recommended to get more than one estimate from different contractors to make sure they are accurate. If you choose to have us come out and do your damage estimates and inspections you will get estimates not just on the roof damage but also any other damage your home may have taken in the storm. Our specialists look at the entire house to make sure all repairs are being addressed in the claim. All too often, some damages overlooked or unnoticed by an untrained eye, which is why all of our insurance claim specialists have years of experience in identifying damages from storms. The damage to the rest of your home should not be ignored or passed over as this can result in future issues with your home.

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3.Choose a Contractor

Once you have chosen an estimate, or a company to work with, make sure you have them sign as a representative to help handle your insurance claim. By choosing an experienced insurance claim representative, you have the advantage of the representative having already worked with successful insurance claims. The experience in the process will help you get the best evaluation for your repairs to make sure your home is repaired correctly and completely for the damages sustained.

negotiating-with-insurance-companies4.Filing your Insurance Claim

After having accepted an estimate for the damages and work needing to be carried out, your representative will be tasked with filing the claim. It is very important that they have the claim filed with as many relevant details as possible. Having good detail will help to make sure your claim is settled for the needed repair value. Our insurance claim specialists make sure the damage and repairs are detailed down to the last shingle to make sure your claim is accurate.

5.Settling your Insurance Claim

Our insurance claim specialists work directly with the insurance companies and this speeds the process, and gets your claim settled faster. Our representatives must work with adjusters to make sure the maximum evaluation is accepted to get your home repaired. Having the experience with the insurance companies and knowing the process will help to expedite the claim being settled.

6.Get Started on Home Repairs

Finally, home repairs can begin after the insurance claim has been settled. The payouts during this process can be complicated as well, especially when a mortgage company is involved, and we help guide you through that process as well, but our focus stays on getting your home repaired to the best extent possible and in the shortest feasible time period.

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