LP SmartSide Installation

The Wood Siding Alternative

LP SmartStrand siding is a lightweight and easy to install solution for home siding. Strand siding can come either already painted or pre-primed and awaiting the perfect coat of paint for your home. With advances in technology, LP SmartSide has become very popular alternative to wood siding. Giving the look of traditional wood siding but with the work ability and protection of engineered wood products. LP SmartSide protect against fungal decay and termites with greater strength and protection than traditional wood. Using smart siding makes your home more customizeable in terms of color. Many of the other siding options don’t allow, or discourage homeowners from painting it. LP SmartStrand does not have any of those limitations. It’s a great choice for those who want the great look of wood siding but don’t want the risks.

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Smart Siding


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