Denver Steel Siding Installation

Durable and Long Lasting Siding

Over the years, steel siding has become a great alternative to wood siding. It is very low maintenance and comes in a broad range of styles and textures. Steel siding has become more popular over the years on newer homes. Even though it has grown in popularity, there are a few considerations when choosing steel siding. Some of the pre-finished steel siding has been known to fade or wear over time. Because of this, they also offer vinyl coated steel siding in a variety of colors. One of the minor draw backs with steel siding is that it can be dented. However, small dents can be repaired for low costs.

Compared with other types of siding, steel requires very little maintenance. Since steel is so durable, it’s easy to wash the siding with a high pressure hose. Because metal is not a hospital environment for insects, you’ll also face less risks from pest infestations. Steel siding is so long lasting and durable that it often comes with a 35-year warranty.

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Steel Siding


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