An estimated 4 out of 5 American homes has a can of WD-40 around. The Rocket Chemical Company began with 3 employees looking for a rust protection solvent and degreaser for the aerospace industry.

After 40 attempts, the Water Displacement Formula became known as WD40. This closely guarded trade secret formula is locked up in a San Diego vault.

Here are some clever, funny and unusual uses for that iconic yellow and blue can with the red top at your house. 

  1. Spray it on dead fish bait as a “great pike attractor.” This probably isn’t great for the water though.
  2. Coat wire tomato cages with WD-40 to keep insects away.
  3. Remove crayon from turtle shells (and walls!).
  4. Great for removing chewing gum from your hair or sticky labels off glass.
  5. Keeps your mirrors & windows from fogging up in the bathroom or the car.
  6. Keep pigeons from balcony railings.
  7. A pet owner used it to free his parakeet from sticky mouse paper!
  8. Spray it on shovels to keep snow from sticking.
  9. It removes duct tape and the sticky residue that leaves behind. 
  10. Helps to keep your lawn mower blades clean.
  11. Removes minor paint transfers from little fender benders.
  12. Helps to break in baseball mitts.
  13. Once removed a boa constrictor stuck in an engine compartment.
  14. Use the bottom of the can as a stencil while out in the “field.”
  15. Lubricates zippers.
  16. Keeps paint from sticking to paint brushes. 
  17. Spray WD-40 to help clean grime from your hands.
  18. Removes permanent marker from white boards.
  19. Help to slip a tight ring from your finger.
  20. Remove waxy grime and fingerprints from vinyl records.