Roofing Shingle Styles

Roofing involves many different types of roof shingles and materials to create the desired appearance and protection for your home. A little research will help you understand the different types of roofing options available for your home. Below are the most common types of shingles and materials. You can also view our selection of roofing products.


3 Tab Shingles:

3 tab shingles

Giving a less dimensional effect to your roofs looks, 3 tab shingles traditionally are also thinner which contributes to the less dimensional look. Normally since these shingles ARE thinner, it effects the length of the warranty.

Dimensional Shingles:

dimensional shingles

Also commonly referred to as architectural or laminated shingle, these are a very popular choice for roofing. These shingles often have 30+ year warranties and because of popularity have many different styles to choose from.

Premium Shingles:

premium shingles

Premium shingles may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but, these are normally shingles with more design and material improvements. Some premium shingle improvements may include being double laminate, fiberglass reinforced or adhesion and durability. Premium shingles are usually laminated shingles with an enhanced aesthetic appeal and mimic natural slate or shake shingles in appearance. 

Impact Resistant:

impact resistant shake shingle

Impact Resistant (IR) Shingles are made to withstand the impacts of wind-driven hail and often come with incentives from insurance companies offering reduced premiums where hail is frequent.


shake roofing shingles

While giving a beautiful rustic look, roof shakes are usually a less popular options because of their traditional cedar or wood construction. Today, shakes are a style easily replicated with more durable and long lasting materials like fiberglass. This significantly lowers the maintenance and still delivers the shake appearance.



tile roofing shingles

Typically built from clay, tile roofing is great for helping to insulate your home while creating a beautiful appeal. Tile roofing can be incredibly resilient to harsh weather and with recent improvements to combining alternative materials they have also become a lighter alternative. This helps to lighten the weight of the tiles to reduce the need to reinforce your roof’s construction.

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