Denver Casement Window Installation


National Home Improvement is experienced in various types of home window installation including casement windows. A casement window is one of the most common types of windows. It hangs on a hinge and can be opened left or right. Learn more about National Home Improvement’s casement window installation.

Casement Windows

BENEFITS of Casement Windows

Fresh air can flow in more freely, and having casement windows in your home can allow for a much more open feel. Another great advantage to casement windows is the ability to really direct air flow into your home. The panes can opened and adjusted to fit the natural breeze and encourage airflow within the home. Also, because the panes open casement windowoutward, the window will not take up any additional space within the home. Again, this offers a great source of natural light, unobstructed by glass and framing. These windows are a great choice for picture windows, because when they’re open, picturesque views can be completely clear.

Casement windows also offer an enhanced security feature. The locking mechanism on the inside of the window is hook shaped and embedded within the framing of the window, making it very difficult to be broken into. All of our windows have excellent locking mechanisms within them, however, the way that the locks are installed in casement windows makes them a bit more secure.


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