Denver Double Hung Window Installation


When choosing new or replacement windows for your home, you’ll be faced with two options for window types. Single hung windows, which only open from the bottom, or double hung windows, which can open from both the top and the bottom. 

Obviously, one of the large benefits of double hung windows is that the user can choose to open either the top of the window or the bottom, or both to let air flow in. Single hung windows can be an inconvenience to keep open because of the draft that comes through at a level that’s close to counter-top height. This can lead to air gusts that can blow into the home. 

With the convenience of the double hung window, the user can choose to only open the top, which will allow for air circulation that comes in closer to the ceiling.

Double Hung Windows

When to Choose Double-Hung Windows

Another enormous benefit of double hung windows is the ease of cleaning them from inside the home. This being the case, double hung windows are a great choice for upper levels of a home. With the double hung window option, you may move both of the panes up and down to make sure the inside and the outside of the window are clean and clear. New models of double hung windows usually come with a tilt feature that allows you to drop the window panes one at a time to clean them thoroughly. This ease of cleaning means no more dangerous ladders to reach the windows on the higher parts of your home.

Double hung windows are very popular choice for homeowners these days. This being the case, double hung windows come in a very large variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect style, shape and style of new double hung windows for your home will be easy and fun.


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