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Sliding windows for your denver home

Sliding or slider windows are a perfect option for those who prefer a horizontal window solution. They offer a great solution for smaller windows, like in laundry or utility rooms. The single slide window operates much like a traditional window, however, the single, movable pane slides from right to left on a horizontal axis. Single slide windows were traditionally installed in ranch style homes, as they were fitting for the type of architecture, however, single slide windows go well in any home. They are common within multiple family dwellings.

They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. The choice is up to the homeowner, and they can be fitted exactly to your needs. Just as with every other style of window that Lasting Impressions has to offer, our single slide windows are just as energy efficient. Also, because of the design, single slide windows can be easier for the user to operate, because the movable weight doesn’t move up and down, rather it moves from side to side.

Single Slide Windows


Sliding windows offer an excellent solution for ventilation in rooms where traditional windows may not fit the bill. Although they come in a large range of sizes, and work well as full size windows, they offer the versatility and ease of operation needed for specific spaces. They work very well as privacy windows in bathrooms, usually installed on the upper half of walls within showers, for ventilation. They also work very well for rooms on the “garden level” of homes, or apartment buildings, offering natural light and ventilation for basement rooms and utility closets.

Recent Sliding window installations in Denver

Recently, we installed a new sliding basement window for a home. The replacement sliding window will vastly improve the energy efficiency of basement. A simple, yet effective improvement that benefits more that just hte attractiveness of your home. Additionally, this window will provide a little extra protection with the additional panes of glass. Don’t hesitate to get your free estimate for your new windows.

Selinsky Basement Window Before
Selinsky Basement Window After


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